How to use VIPS Count!

1st Time
Enter your user ID (social security number) with no dashes, using only the number keys at the top of the keyboard.

CLICK "Sign In/Sign Out"

A screen will appear with this message "This USER ID XXX-XX-XXX is not on file. If you would like to register as a volunteer, please press the “Click to Continue” button."

Please do so, then complete the application to the best of your ability. Please include your BEST email so you may receive VIPS emails concerning volunteer opportunities at JHS.

Once you’ve completed your application and clicked "Submit," it is electronically transmitted to the School Police for review.

Now just SIGN IN...
Enter your user ID (last 4 digits of your social security number).

Select the "Sign In/Sign Out" button. If you forgot to sign out the last time you were here, then you will have to do that first and then sign in again for today.

Fill in your primary volunteering location for the day. It is very important that you complete this accurately for your own safety and security. Click "Submit." Next you will see 4 buttons and several messages "Print a Name Tag"; "Click to Finish"; "Update Personal Info"; and a "Cancel" button as well as a sign out reminder and a message from me. Please take time to read this message as it may contain current volunteer opportunities or important information pertaining to JHS events & info. Select the "Click to Finish" button.

Done for the day? Just SIGN OUT...

Enter your user ID (last 4 digits of your Social Security number).

Select "Sign In/Sign Out" button. Select the down arrow in either side: instructional(if you are teaching someone) or support services (if you are helping someone). Find the event that best describes what you did, then select the hours you volunteered. Please remember to capture time you spent at meetings that you could not sign in at or with activities you did from home for school. Select the "Click to Continue" button. Select the "Click to Finish" button to complete.

THIS YEAR...FOR THE FIRST TIME, you only need to enter all your information once at any school. Then when you get to your other school, simply sign in there and you will be ready to go!