Proving Ground Collaboration Study Notification

Proving Ground Collaboration Study Notification
Posted on 01/06/2021

Dear Warrior family, 

As part of his or her Algebra class, your child may be asked to participate in two (2) 30-minute modules related to Growth Mindset, developed by PERTS.  These modules are designed to increase students’ engagement, motivation, and ultimately success by laying the foundation for a growth mindset.  Research shows that helping students develop a growth mindset can develop their academic abilities through effective study strategies.

These modules are available to our students as part of a study and partnership between Palm Beach County Schools and Proving Ground at the Center for Education Policy Research, Harvard University.  In this study, our goal is to investigate whether student learning around a growth mindset in mathematics leads to an increase in Algebra 1 achievement through the use of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) strategies.

All data handling and release to Harvard for the Proving Ground collaboration shall be conducted in accordance with the terms outlined in the Data Use Agreement.  Results from the Proving Ground collaboration will be used to inform practices and may include a presentation of aggregated and subgroup results.  No identifiable information about your student will be used in these documents.  Participation is voluntary and participants may withdraw from the study at any time or decline to participate, without any penalty.

For more information on PERTS, please visit their site at: For more information on Proving Ground, please visit their site at:

If you do not wish your child to participate in this study, please contact Ms. Natalie Diaz at 561 744-7931 or