Prom 2020

Prom 2020
Posted on 02/17/2020
 Prom 2020
This year’s PROM theme is… The Golden Gala! Junior-Senior Prom will take place on Saturday, April 18th, 2020 at the Wyndham Grand hotel at Harbourside. Tickets go on sale early at discounted prices for students that have fulfilled the requirements, so make sure to pay your dues and eliminate all outstanding obligations. Don’t forget you need your Prom contract to purchase a ticket. Seniors pick one up from Ms. Heard and Juniors pick up contracts from Ms. DeLeonardo. Prom Contracts are also available in Room 4-217.

Golden Gala

PROM 2020 Ticket Sales Calendar

February 14th & 17th – Claim FREE Ticket **MUST have verification from Mrs. Heard

February 17th – 21st – Claim Discounted Senior Ticket ** MUST have verification from Mrs. Heard       $50

February 18th – March 20th - Any senior may purchase FULL Price Ticket   $100

February 19th – 27th – Claim Discounted Junior Ticket ** MUST have verification from Mrs. DeLeonardo $80

February 20th – March 20th – Any Junior may purchase FULL Price Ticket $100

March 30th – April 14th – May purchase LATE Ticket   $125

Purchase tickets in Auditorium Lobby M-F, 2/14-2/27, from 3/2-4/14 Tuesday’s ONLY during lunch